Open Meetings

Brotherhood CMC holds its open meetings on the last Wednesday of each month, from February to November. Anyone who wishes to drop by to say “G’day” or play pool is welcome. It is a pretty low-key night where we catch up, talk motorcycles and the associated culture, listen to live music and pray for each other. Everyone is welcome!

On The Passing of Greg “Hirsty” Hirst

It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that we announce the Greg passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, 6 June 2017, following complications from surgery. He was surrounded by his wife and children at the time. He was very much beloved by all who knew him —his legacy will live on forever. We are going to miss him greatly.

Reflections on Brotherhood CMC’s 40 Year Celebration

For over 40 years, Brotherhood CMC members have travelled the roads of Australia and found ways to authentically share the good news of faith in Jesus Christ, help practically and personally those struggling to survive, and trod the corridors of power seeking to advocate for those marginalised in our great land. Throughout this website you will find a brief account of that journey, as well as news of upcoming events and views on a range of issues. Please have a look around and get in touch.

Brotherhood CMC started in 1977 providing a meeting place for Christian bikers. Over the years it has developed friendships with many motorcycles clubs, church groups and others in society. While still a small club it prefers to work in partnerships with other organisations to get things done including God stuff, welfare and political for those on the streets and in the motorcycle community.

“As a lawyer who worked with clubs, both outlaw and social. I got to see the Brotherhood patch many times.  I saw it at weddings and I saw it at funerals. I saw it on the back of someone ministering to someone who needed help.” Wayne Baffsky, Legal Advisor NSW UMC.

“Over … two decades I witnessed the club regularly helping those less fortunate and in need. Whether it was donating food and clothing to the homeless or offering the opportunity to remember lost mates, the Brotherhood CMC’s contribution to the motorcycling community has always been positive and purposeful.” Pugs – Live to Ride Magazine.

‘I spent a lot of time talking to members of the club especially when we had adjoining stalls at the Bankstown Show. The club has an old fashioned brotherhood bond and all of the members are always looking out for people with needs, they do so many things for the motorcycle community and the general public as well. ‘ Crossy, American Thunder Magazine Australia.

“Congratulations to Greg Hirst and the Brotherhood CMC for 40 years of doing the right thing. The Brotherhood have entwined themselves in all areas of the Australian motorcycle culture, from helping the needy, to helping make motorcycling a safer lifestyle.  From the spiritual to the political, work well done. Keep it up and all the best for the future.” Moose  H61MC

Campaign Against Anti-Rights Laws in Australia

The members of Brotherhood CMC have always stood with the fraternity of motorcyclists to oppose unfair laws proposed and/or enacted in Australia.  The latest round of anti-rights laws introduced in Queensland are no exception. Please check out our position statement, and the progress of our campaign to raise awareness of these laws among the general public and,  especially, the Christian community on our dedicated campaign page: We Oppose Anti-Rights Laws

Read the Bible online

Below you can read the bible online. If you would like your own hard copy please pop in to one of our open meetings and we’ll happy give you a copy.