For over 35 years, Brotherhood CMC members have travelled the roads of Australia and found ways to authentically share the good news of faith in Jesus Christ, help practically and personally those struggling to survive, and trod the corridors of power seeking to advocate for those marginalised in our great land. Throughout this website you will find a brief account of that journey, as well as news of upcoming events and views on a range of issues. Please have a look around and get in touch.

The 2017 Silverwater Motor Festival is Fast Approaching!

I know you’ve been keeping your calendar free for May, so let me put your scheduling out of it’s misery! The 2017 Silverwater Motor Festival is being held this year on Saturday, 13 May.

The festival includes all sorts of great things to see and do, along with great people to meet. Especially, though, this year’s festival marks the 40th anniversary of Brotherhood CMC, the principal sponsors of the festival.

Watch the television promo below and get hyped!!!

You can download a copy of the festival flyer here.

Campaign Against Anti-Rights Laws in Australia

The members of Brotherhood CMC have always stood with the fraternity of motorcyclists to oppose unfair laws proposed and/or enacted in Australia.  The latest round of anti-rights laws introduced in Queensland are no exception. Please check out our position statement, and the progress of our campaign to raise awareness of these laws among the general public and,  especially, the Christian community on our dedicated campaign page: We Oppose Anti-Rights Laws


Brotherhood CMC holds its open meetings on the last Wednesday of each month, from February to November. Anyone who wishes to drop by to say g’day or play pool is welcome. It is a pretty low key night where we catch up, talk motorcycles and the associated culture, listen to live music and pray for each other. Everyone is welcome! Our clubhouse is at 59-63 Pitt Street,  South Parramatta. See you there!