Aims and Objectives

  1. To befriend and care for those seen as outcasts by our society as did Jesus, by attempting to meet people’s needs and showing God’s love to them. This would especially include individuals and clubs within the more troubled and alienated sections of the motorcycle community.
  2. To proclaim to those within the motorcycle culture and other related cultures, the Christian alternative in belief and lifestyle.
  3. To promote peace, understanding and mutual respect between groups and individuals within the motorcycle culture, and also between the motorcycle culture and the regular cultural groupings in society and to advocate, where appropriate, with and on behalf of those in the motorcycling community.
  4. To reach those within the street youth culture who are in need of instruction and care.
  5. To be an integral part of the overall body of Street Level Christian Community and to use the gifts and abilities of the membership for the benefit of any of the ministries of Street Level Christian Community.
  6. To remain part of and to work alongside the wider Christian Church.