Beyond Brown’s Farm

[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=right]During that time, we attracted a cross section of the biker community to a combination party, bike show and motorcycle rally.

After Brown’s Farm closed to us, farmer Brown kindly found one of his church mates to host us. This particular farm was further from Lithgow near the sleepy country town of Portland. Being beyond the original site, the name became obvious and the signs along the Mudgee Road made it clear that it was the same event, just at another venue. The signs were needed to help riders find the new site, which was buried deep within a grazing paddock and far from any neighbours. While it took a bit to find it the crowds were still strong for several years, some riders coming regularly from Queensland and Victoria.

Interestingly, one of the most successful parts of these weekends was our biker church service held prior to the bike show on the Sunday morning. One particular year at one of the Beyond Brown’s Farm rally, we had a visit from a number of chapters of a major outlaw club. We were happy to see them and provided constant entertainment throughout the Saturday and Sunday. In return, the club hierarchy ordered all their members and nominees to get up and attend the Biker Church Service. Held on main stage it was an informal presentation of the Christian message of love, faith and forgiveness with rock music and presented by experienced riders from our club. Then would follow the bike show and this would invariably attract some excellent machinery, something that we noted for a Sydney based event that was to follow at Silverwater Park.

Towards 1993, when the gates closed for the last time, Beyond Brown’s Farm struggled to cover costs. Taking stages etc from Sydney wasn’t cheap. So the club decided to have a years break from running an event and started praying about doing something closer to home in Sydney.

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