CMC Gatherings

[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=right]Brotherhood CMC has had a long history of encouraging unity amongst Christians in motorcycling.

We supported Hirsty’s concept to start an umbrella organisation for Christian bikers and clubs to meet under for fellowship and encouragement. In partnership with Disciples CMC, the Christian Motorcyclists Association was formed. Later when CMA shifted it’s focus away from fellowship for all types of Christian riders and organisations towards evangelism, we entered into partnership with Ambassadors CMC, God Squad CMC and Longriders CMC to host annual gatherings of Christian Motorcycle Clubs.

The first gathering was held in 1998 at Brotherhood’s clubhouse in Parramatta and has grown to include other Christian motorcycling organisations such as CMA and Bikers for Christ. In 2006 we hosted the first Australian Christian Motorcycle Clubs Conference where issues of concern to Christian motorcycling were discussed in a positive environment, accepting each others different views and ways of operating.

Brotherhood CMC continues to participate in the annual gathering of the NSW Christian motorcycle clubs so as to encourage the development of a biblically based unity. We also want to encourage national unity and believe that we contributed positively to the recent 2009 Australian Christian Motorcycle Clubs Conference hosted by Longriders CMC in South Australia.  The following slideshow contains photos from that event:

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