Remembrance Ride

The Remembrance Ride has been an annual activity since the early eighties.

Originally established by the Christian Motorcyclist Association, this ride, followed by a memorial service, has become an institution in the Sydney Biker Scene, providing an opportunity to remember riders from all sections of the motorcycle community. The service provides a perpetual memorial list so that those on it are remembered each year along with their biker way of life. One funeral that Hirsty was approached to do for a mate of a major outlaw club explains the importance of the Remembrance Ride.

When Greg arrived to do the service at the cemetery, the biker’s family had arranged a Uniting Church Minister to do the service so that the funeral didn’t reflect the biker lifestyle. Apparently they were ashamed of his riding lifestyle and tried not to mention this in the service. The Minister was positive but the funeral did not reflect who ‘Big Bird’ was. A year later, a grave side bikers’ memorial service corrected this wrong. And every year ‘Big Bird’, and many other riders, are remembered at the Brotherhood Clubhouse, with respect.

Over the years, riders from a cross section of the motorcycle community have ended up on the memorial list. Commuters, road racers, outlaws, Christian bikers, police riders, kids, off-road riders, old riders, young riders, tourers etc. It seems death is a great leveller. It happens to us all and Brotherhood CMC believes that God wants all riders to be aware of his love and concern through Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the best comment about this ride came from an Anglican Minister at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney who commented, after reading a prayer at one of the first memorial services:

If Jesus began his earthly ministry today he would be amongst bikers. In fact he’d probably be a biker himself!