The Early Days

It will probably surprise many that a biker club could hold its meetings in a church hall without any cultural clashes. In fact the people at this church were pretty good and accepted our lifestyle differences without too much of a problem, all except one lady on their Parish Council who didn’t really like bikers and lobbied to get us kicked out. Initially this was a bit of a shock but it happened at the time when a few of the members were involvedĀ  in a street youth work project with the Anglican Counselling Service (now Anglicare). So a decision was taken to find a meeting place in the Parramatta area, near where this Christian welfare project was operating in North Parramatta.

St. John’s Anglican Cathedral were kind enough to help us out while the work continued contacting people locked into a street lifestyle in Parramatta and Blacktown. Interestingly the Brotherhood house in North Parramatta that was operating as a drop-in centre was starting to attract a number of young people looking for help with alcohol and other drug issues to homelessness and relationship problems. On one occasion eleven homeless young people stayed overnight until the workers could find accommodation alternatives for them. This emphasis of helping those on the street has underlined the development of Brotherhood’s work for nearly 30 years.